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We bet you didn't know the word "Adirondack" comes from a Mohawk word meaning, "they eat trees." Our Adirondack chairs aren't edible, but they look so delicious that we wouldn't blame you for trying (but really - don't). Our Adirondack Buying Guide is a quick, tasty way to get a breakdown of the selection we offer as well as the rich historical connection of the Adirondack chair to the Great American Outdoors.

Before you do anything, you'll need to decide on a material for your chair. If you prefer the classics, a wood Adirondack chair will be your best bet, and if you like things a little funkier, you may go for a painted Adirondack chair. However, if your pockets are a little, shall we say-deeper, a teak Adirondack chair is an excellent choice. Finally, for our green customers, we offer a full selection of recycled plastic Adirondack chairs. While you shop, don't forget to look for special features like comfort backs, all-in-one, and folding styles. And don't forget the cushions.

1. A painted Adirondack chair set is an excellent way to put your own personal stamp on your backyard retreat. Find the color that suits your personality, and create a comfortable seating space for your guests.

2. Give your backyard a natural, rustic look with a wood Adirondack set. Wood is the perfect complement to the rugged, outback style of these traditional chairs.

3. If spending your free time relaxing is highest on your list, you should consider a recycled plastic Adirondack set. These products are extremely resilient to all weather extremes. They're maintenance-free and eco-friendly, too.

4. Our Adirondack patio sets include various accessories for additional comfort. Extras like Adirondack tables or Adirondack ottomans are perfect for making your outdoor living space complete.


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