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How To Create A Comfortable Backyard Patio With Simple Ideas?

Backyard Patio Ideas

With cautious planning and thinking, planning backyard patio ideas as remarkable as the interior of your home can be as simple as learning ABC. By setting up a modest sized room or any backyard space with some affordable patio furniture as well as accessories, owning a chic and cool dream backyard patio can be realized by virtually any person.  

Here are a couple of backyard patio ideas examples that you can try and implement for both your existing or new home. 

1. Location of the patio 

In general, 90% of constructed backyard patios are usually linked to the home. With this at your finger tip, you will require to take the direction of sun at different times of the day and existing cover that you already have. Given that nobody wants the intensity of the sun bogging them down when they are attempting to unwind outside. If your compound does not have any trees that are generating shadows, it is always possible to include some patio plants or trees. Alternatively, you can opt for patio umbrellas which can act as shades or if budget permits, a pergola will be an excellent choice. 

In the same way a home with a view is different, a patio creates the same effect. But, if your home already has a view, then you are lucky. More than often, the patio created will act as your neighbor’s backyard. However, it is possible to work around this by including some landscaping tips when you are planning for your backyard patio. For instance, one can include a landscaping shrub, patio trees or some patio plants such as elephant ears, palm trees, bougainvillea, etc when you are done with building your patio.

Depending on the location of the patio, it may add to the aesthetic quality to do a bit of remodeling on the outside of your house as well. For instance, a fine-looking patio, encased by shabby looking vinyl siding will only ruin the look. The same goes for windows, terraces, shutters, and doors. 

Not only will this inclusion prevent your immediate neighbor from using your newly created patio as his backyard but also enhance the general appearance of your backyard. Other ideas that you can include in your backyard patio ideas are garden water fountain and patio water garden. 

2. Size 

The kind of patio to build will hinge on how much space you have to work with. It can be quite frustrating to build a small backyard patio that does not accommodate your needs and complement the compound. If you already have outdoor furniture, you can set it up in your backyard so as to predetermine how much space you have to operate with.  

A rule of the thumb that should be observed in all backyard patio ideas is when one plans to put furniture along the edges of the patio, they should leave a space of minimum 16 inches. In addition, you will need to take into account any patio accessories which you will be placing on the patio, for example, barbeque grill or outdoor heater. In case your backyard patio is made up of an outdoor kitchen or a pre-built outdoor fireplace, you might want to think of adding two backyard patios.

3. Materials to use when building backyard patios

Small Backyard Patio Ideas

Of equal importance to add to your backyard patio ideas are the materials to utilize during the construction process. A simple backyard patio will make use of concrete floor. This can be modified by utilizing brick edging or different color patterns. You will be spoil for choices on the types of patio materials you can use and you can read up more about it at our patio material sections.

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