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How to Build A Brick Patio?

Brick Patio Ideas

Do you like brick patios? Are you thinking of building a stylish brick patio without the need to cut the bricks? Well, look no further as we will discuss some useful brick patio ideas on how you can build your own brick patio. This plan has been structures in such a manner that it should be easy for you to do-it-yourself and at your own pace. The provided brick patio layout is simple to construct yet stylish, placing the bricks in an outstanding pattern that needs no cutting at all. 

Essential Items. 

For the construction process, you will need the following items. You can easily get these from any home improvement depot or hardware shops around your area. 

  • Shovel 
  • Water level 
  • Broom 
  • Rubber mallet 
  • Garden hose 
  • Mason line 
  • Plywood
  • Paving bricks 
  • Crushed stone 
  • Paver sand

Steps and guidelines.

To begin building your brick patio, follow the simple instructions below and you will be a step closer in building your own brick patio.

  1. It is much easier to work with square or rectangular designs for a newbie compared to curved styles. For simplicity, we will use a rectangle shape as an example. Take the measurement of the area to build the patio.To make certain that you obtain an ideal rectangle, gauge the two diagonals. They ought to give you equal measurements.

  2. Next, dig the area to build your brick patio. The recommended depth for this is 8-inches. Use the water level to ascertain the mine’s floor grades from the edge of the house to allow for drainage of water from both the house and patio.

  3. Perform a test run by placing your brick design, to confirm your dimensions. As such, if the measurements taken earlier were off, it offers you a chance to take the correct measurements again. In addition, it is vital to allow for an additional 2-inch throughout the perimeter.

  4. The additional room around the perimeter is to allow for inclusion of brick edging. Place the bricks alongside one another and use the rubber mallet to place them into the exact position. The main idea is to create a rectangular shape.

  5. Next, take away the bricks that you had placed as a test in the third step. Nonetheless, make certain that the brick edgings laid down in the fourth stage are left in place. Use crushed stones in the framed location.

  6. Stuff down the stone and place the landscape material downward on top of the stone. This is to prevent the likelihood of weed growing thereafter, thereafter, empty at least 2-inches of sand on the landscape linen. 

  7. Beginning from one end of the patio being constructed, trickle the screed beside the sand, smoothing the sand out.

We have a video recording showing you exactly how you can lay your brick patio and you can view it at how to lay a brick patio.

Brick Patio

Useful tips.

The key to ensuring that the project is stress free is to ascertain that you have laid out a brick pattern prior putting the crushed stones and sane to confirm the dimensions. Go through step three and make sure that you have grasped everything therein properly. 

As you place the bricks, do not kneel on the sand or over the bricks. Use the plywood rather than on top of the bricks. If you do so, you might make the sands to be uneven or worse displace the bricks. 

You will have a sense of achievement once the patio is completed through your own sweat and blood. In fact, rectangular brick patio ideas are ideal for compact patios.

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