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What To Consider When Buying A Patio Umbrella?

Patio Umbrella

Purchasing a patio umbrella is a great way to make your patio more comfortable and fun. Being able to get away from the sun to relax for a minute a two is a wonderful thing. When it comes to picking out your favourite patio umbrella, you will have an array of different styles and models to choose from. It really all depends on you and what you are looking for. However, here are few things you should consider when purchasing your patio umbrella.

The first and vital point to consider is the size. There are many different sizes you can choose from. Ideally, the umbrella should be at least five feet larger than the space or dining area it will be shading. If you purchase an umbrella that is too big or too small, it will look mismatched and not pleasing to the eye. So make sure you measure your space accurately before you go and purchase a patio umbrella, especially so when you are buying it online.

How is a patio umbrella measured?

Generally, many people assume that umbrellas are measured from one edge and straight across to the other edge. This is WRONG and NOT the case. All manufacturers measure the umbrella from one edge, then up and over the top and down to the other edge. Hence, you must take note of this important point when you buy your patio umbrella.

Another point you must consider is durability. This is also a vital factor. These days, you can get one that is rip-resistant, mildew resistant and ultraviolet-protected. All of these features contribute to how durable your umbrella will be. There are certain manufacturers even come with a no-fade guarantee. Usually the guarantee is in place for about three years, with some even more. When considering durability, you also want to consider the type of weather conditions the umbrella will have to withstand. For example, if you live in the windy city, or any other area that is known to have very high wind speeds, you will want to get a high wind resistant patio umbrella.

High wind resistant outdoor patio umbrellas use flexible fibreglass instead of the usual wood or metal ribs. This fibreglass operates in the same fashion as a fishing pole does. It bends with stress and will return back to its original form without breaking the canopy. Purchasing a patio umbrella is the perfect way to enjoy the summer days without dealing with all the summer heat.

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