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Patio Accessories That Can Change The Mood Of Your Patio

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If you are generally happy with the look and feel of your patio but just want to freshen up the look, make some small change or transform the atmosphere of your patio for one particular event, here are some suggested patio accessories that you can purchase. You can get these for under $75 but they can change the look of your patio and are easy to remove or change.

Put up a hammock.

Hammocks are extremely relaxing and are a great way to make use of limited space. There are currently a wide range of hammocks available. There are hammocks that include self-standing metal or wood structures that support them. There are two main categories of hammocks to choose from for your patio hammock. They are,

  • Rope hammock.
  • Fabric hammock.

Both of these types of hammocks are superb for relaxation and leisure. They can offer both relief and comfort without the harshness or stiffness of some other types of patio furniture. The main difference between the two types of hammocks are basically the materials used. 

Generally, fabric patio hammock will mainly be made out of polyester or canvas whereas rope hammock can be made from natural fibers such as hemp or cotton. On the other hand, synthetic rope hammocks will be made from nylon or polyester. The synthetic rope hammocks are usually the most durable because they can withstand natural elements better than those made from hemp or cotton. Although they are usually bought premade, it is also possible to make your own hammock. No matter what type of hammock you choose for your patio, it will eventually be a great choice.

New door mat.

It sounds really simple, but studies have shown that people will almost always look down when they are walking outside to a patio or yard.  Use that to your advantage and put in a fun and fanciful doormat. You can even get a personalized doormat with your family initials on it or get a classic design that will enhance your patio with an elegant feel. 

Put out some new candles. 

Candles are a fantastic way to brighten up your patio for minimal money. $20 worth of scented, brightly colored candles can really change the look and feel of your patio. You can arrange the candles in many different ways. Some examples are such as using candle holders and decorative sconces or just display a single candle on a table as a centerpiece. 

Different flowers. 

You don’t need to change the plants that are already on the patio but just add in some vases of fresh cut flowers. Fresh cut flowers are a lovely and cheap way to change the outlook of your patio.  

Add a carpet. 

Carpets on patios add a very luxurious and comfortable feel to the space and can add a lot of visual impact. If you have a covered patio, you can spend a little money and get a luxury carpet to give your patio a very luxurious feel. Alternately, you can use a standard indoor/outdoor carpet in vivid color to really change the look of the patio.

Change your planters. 

Keep your existing plants but repot them in new, attractive containers. One afternoon spent digging through the local thrift store or flea market can yield some fabulous new planters. Look for items such as old teapots, copper pots, pans, glass bowls, black iron kettles, barrels, urns, antique milk bottles and other one-of-a-kind items.

Make your own Chinese lanterns. 

You can have personalized lighting for virtually any type of party if you create your own Chinese lanterns. For a formal event, make elegant soft paper lanterns. For a family picnic, keep the kids busy by having them decorate their own paper lanterns that you can hang up and light at night. The kids will truly enjoy it and will create a joyful mood for the party. 

Pillow and cushion covers. 

Put on new pillow and cushion covers for one particular event and the patio will look like it is completely redecorated. Pillow covers are quite simple to make and personalize. Are you having a wedding shower for a friend or relative on your patio? Get some plain white t-shirts at the craft store that are big enough to fit over your pillows.

With permanent marker, paint and glue, write your friend’s name and soon to be spouse’s name and the date of the wedding. Slip the tee shirt over the pillow, gather up the extra fabric and tie the extra fabric of the tee shirt at each corner with ribbon. For about 30 bucks and an afternoon of crafting, you can craft all kinds of unique pillow and cushion covers virtually for any occasion.

Patio Chair Cushions

Wind chimes. 

Wind chimes are a wonderful way to add some notice to your patio.  There are thousands of wind chimes styles so you can easily find a style to fit into any décor. Furthermore, good quality wind chimes don’t cost much if you know where to find them. Your family and friends will love relaxing on your patio listening to the soothing and peaceful sound of your wind chimes. 

Add a fire pit.

Fire pits can be very expensive, so it is not an item that everyone can afford. However, they can be a lovely and useful addition to a patio. Everyone loves sitting around a roaring fire on a crisp fall night but digging fire pits is tedious and requires a lot of space. However, you can buy a portable fire pit that allows you to do all the things you normally do around a campfire like roasting marshmallows and sing songs without the hassle and danger of building a real campfire. 


These are just a few ideas of small items that you can add to your patio decor that can change your patio outlook without being permanent. One thing that is really important when you are decorating a patio is keep the design elements flexible and easy to change because you might want to change them at a moment’s notice. 

After all, it’s great to build your patio as a recreation of a Mexican cantina so that you can have margarita parties all summer but what if you decide that one weekend you want to have a family barbecue or you want to host a family member’s wedding reception or you just get sick of looking at the Mexican cantina decor?

Buy some high quality pieces of patio furniture that can go with multiple decor themes. Subsequently, build your decor using small items that are easy and cheap to change. That is the best way to get the most use and the most enjoyment out of your patio.

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