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1. Portable camping grills are the perfect way to grill on the go. Ideal for camping, picnics, fishing trips, or as extra backyard grill space, Brinkmann grills are a snap to use.

2. Clean your built-in grill after each use. Once coals have died out, remove ashes from the ash catcher and scrape off extra particles on the grate. Use mild detergent, sponge or scraper, and clean off the charcoal grill grate.

3. Keeping your charcoal grill clean will extend the life and assist in the cooking process. Use a grill cover or bring your grill indoors during rain or snow seasons.

4. Never wax or paint your stainless steel charcoal grill. Manufacturers have designed finishes specifically for Char-Griller grills that will withstand heat and weather conditions. Adding paint can damage existing finishes or cause problems when heated.

5. When using charcoal grills, let coals get fully ash white before cooking for optimum heat dispersal. Add extra coals around the edge periodically to maintain heat. Use a spritzer to control flare-ups when cooking on a charcoal grill.

6. Utilize the charcoal grill vents to maintain even heat within the combination gas and charcoal grill. These charcoal grill vents allow air to circulate creating more heat when opened and less when closed.



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