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Patio Decorating on a Budget

You can decorate your patio and make it functional and comfortable without spending a fortune if you choose to shop carefully and know where to spend your money. Prioritizing your budget is the best way to get the high quality items that you need for your patio without overspending. No matter what your budget is for your patio decor, this is how you should allocate the money.


Buying high quality patio furniture should be your first priority. High quality furniture will last for years and since the furniture is what will get used the most on the patio, it should be the best you can afford.


Do you need to build a fence so that the neighbours cannot look right into your patio? Do you need to hide a wall or re-sod the courtyard so that you can enjoy your patio? These are all cosmetic fixes and it should be the second priority for your budget but that doesn’t mean they are not important. Since these fixes will directly impact whether or not you enjoy your patio, getting them done is secondary when you have funds after the furniture. 


With balance money (if you have), you can spend on all the other luxurious accessories and ornaments you require to create your own outdoor paradise. Other supplementing ornaments such as cushions and textiles, tablecloths, umbrellas, lamps, barware, etc should be your last priority. This is because these items can often be bought at a bargain during sales, in discount stores, or even made at home.

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