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Flagstone Patio Designs - Explore the Aesthetics, Dynamics & Useful Facts

Flagstone Patio Designs

There are a variety of materials which could be applied on patios. Nevertheless, among all the choices, flagstone remains very popular. That is because flagstone patio designs have quite a lot of advantages over typical patio designs. Here are a few of them.


Flagstone happens to be much more appealing than most other synthetic or artificial materials which are available for outdoor or backyard patios. It has all natural and uniquely rustic markings, which gets more momentum with the featured drab colors. So, flagstone patios are all about elegance and beauty. Unique patterns bring a nice classic look into the place. But simultaneously, your patio gets a look and feel of unique identity, as no 2 flagstones on earth will contain similar markings.

Strength & Durability 

Flagstones happen to be solid against natural weathering. Usually, long span of time is needed for water and other agents for changing the overall texture. Thus, even though it rains a great deal, flagstone patios would still provide you with traction as well as protection from accidental slips. Actually, the majority of the patio owners should agree that when the base is properly constructed, most patios continue to remain as steady and strong as they were in the beginning.

Virtually, no maintenance is needed 

If constructed properly, your flagstone patio can withstand damages as well as changes for a pretty long course of time. In keeping with that, people with flagstone structures at their home won’t need anything more than one pressurized hose down or two every year for maintaining. And daily maintenance, sweeping could be just enough!

A whole range of choices 

Another benefit of flagstone patio designs is that there are wide selections of shapes or sizes to choose from. When you inspect the neighboring stone suppliers, you will see impressively numerous options that you can choose from. There are flagstones just about 1 inch (or a little bit more) thick. There are also those which are much thicker. Then again, a number of flagstones are sold in fragments featuring smaller surface. You could also choose fragments which come in larger surfaces.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid

To make sure that you get things right, here are some common mistakes to avoid while implementing these designs.

Narrow width 

Flagstone patios or flagstone walkways tend to appear larger than they actually are. That is because unevenly-sized flagstones make up a space illusion. That means, the longer you are working on building or crafting the patio, the higher is the chance of getting trapped by the illusion of your patio having sufficient width.

Failure to scrutinize the flagstone 

Though it is surely easier to order flagstones and get those delivered right to the doorsteps of your home, buying without examination could at times turn out to be expensive. And it is more time consuming sometimes. As flagstones come with unique patterns and designs, there are no 2 flagstones with identical markings. Forget what you see in the catalog, as there is a huge possibility that what you receive is not precisely the product or design that you had in mind.

Low-leveled base 

When you lay down your flagstone base all by yourself or by a professional, the last level among these bases is generally expected to be much higher compared to the height of all the surrounding areas. That is because you don’t want that flagstone base retaining water following rainfalls.

Considering all these facts will be useful, no matter what your viewpoint is about flagstone patio designs.

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