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1.  The window box adds spark and pizzazz where before, there was none.  This is easily one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your home stand out on the block and welcome visitors with vibrant fanfare.

2. The rail box planter is perfect for just propping up on an existing ledge or rail. No hooks, no hassles, no worries. All you have to do is supply some dirt, seed and water.

3. Window boxes are traditionally made of wood, but these days we've got loads of options to make them last quite a bit longer without worrying about painting or staining. Vinyl, resin, even metal planter boxes are just a few clicks away.

4. Don't think that we're dismissing a quality wood planter in favor of vinyl, though. Some of our favorites and best sellers are wood planter boxes. Made with stainless steel hardware and drainage holes, these eco-friendly products will provide decades of use.

5. For the latest in innovative planter and window boxes, check out the super-functional elevated planters. These innovative planters install in minutes around a post, tree or light pole. Perfect for highlighting trees and keeping the rabbits at bay.

6. Our multi-colored Flower Bridge planters are unique flower pots perfect for iron gates or fences around apartment buildings and commercial establishments in the city. Just rest the pot directly on top of the fence and fill it up. The pot is held in place by its own weight.

7. Cube planter boxes are becoming quite popular these days. We don't know if basic geometry is coming back in style or if it's something else, but we can safely say now that they're not just for squares.

8. Metal planter boxes are the reasonable choice when it comes to longevity. For obvious reasons, you don't need to worry about it getting a little beat up when being tossed around between seasons nor do you care if it falls from its perch. Just don't hit it with a car and it'll serve you forever.

9. Check out our copper flower boxes for your railing or window ledge. Great for indoors and outdoors, they make a luxurious addition to any home.


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