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Simple Patio Ideas

Patio ideas are one of the easiest and best ways to expand your living space. These effectively ties the boundaries between garden and house which allows you to make the most of both by constructing a garden room. In cold climates, patios give opportunity to easily step outdoors and enjoy the warmth of the sun. There are inundated advantages of having patio ideas but it is also pertinent to spend more time and money to create a patio.  

The advantage of patio ideas lies in the following, 

1. Identify what you need. 

It is important to spend time on deciding how you will you use your patio ideas and what features would you like to incorporate in your patio design. For example, if you like to dine and entertain outdoors, you need a large patio that is enough to accommodate your guests, dining table and other patio furniture. To derive the maximum amount of enjoyment from your patio, you should invest an outdoor patio lighting system, patio heater when necessary, complementing water garden or some patio plants

If you have young children, patio ideas provide a safe playing area near the house. In this case, you need to make a design with child-friendly features such as safety locks, soft flooring, etc. If you have limited mobility, consider the ease of accessibility from your house to patio and from patio to the garden. 

2. Create a wish list.

Once you have identified your needs it will be reasonably easy to generate a wish list which is composed of essential stuff, such as 

  1. Electricity supply 
  2. Patio lighting
  3. Screening for isolation 
  4. Water features
  5. Patio Furniture
  6. Sandpit or play area for the children 

Organize your wish list in order of priority with the essential items at the top and the non-essential, but popular items at the bottom. This list will shape the basis of your overall design to keep it handy. It can also help you plan on your expenditure and how much money to spend on each item. 

3. Assess the site.

Once you have your wish list completed, take some time and assess their suitability for your patio ideas. You might be spending a long time of doing this, so go out into the garden and think about the items that you want to include in your wish list. This may include usability, size, sun direction and shade, existing features and practicality. 

4. Costing.

If necessary, make a stage plan of your patio ideas for the whole duration of time. This might ease your financial strain, or might make you decide to look for cheaper alternatives. For instance, it will be more economical for a timber decking over natural wood. 

There are some ways you can pick up great patio furniture at a discounted price such as buying directly from manufacturer, buy at end of the season and check out online auction sites. You can read more on cheap patio ideas.

Patio Ideas

5. Decide on style.

It is good to match the style of your patio ideas to that of your house. A patio style with your remaining properties will enhance the appeal to motivated future buyers. You can get creative in your patio designs and ideas. Read our section on creative patio ideas

6. Final considerations.

Once you have decided the location and chosen the style of patio you were expecting. It is worth assuring to see if you need any form of Planning Permission or to comply with Building Regulations.

Therefore, patio ideas that are appropriately planned and created, needs to be uncomplicated. You can check out more specific patio ideas through the links below,

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