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Ways To Make a Large Patio More Intimate and Personal

Intimate & Personal Patio

Some people have a contradictory problem. They have a patio that is so massive it makes conversation or hanging out with friends difficult. Fortunately, there are professional design tips that can help ease that situation. If you have a patio that is very huge and you want to make that space seem a lot more warm and intimate, here are several methods to do that.

Segregate areas of the patio.

To make a large patio less expansive, create separate areas of the patio defined by its purpose. For instance, start out a dining area by placing a formal dining table, a picnic table or a bar, and a buffet arranged the way you would arrange them in a dining room.

Then in a different area, you can put a couple of sofas, a large area rug and a coffee table, or bistro table and chairs, or a few comfy chairs and occasional tables. This creates a conversational area in another space within the patio. In addition, you can even put in a freestanding fireplace as an anchor for the ‘living’ area of the patio. Alternately, you can put in a pre-built breakfast nook in a corner of the patio as a dining space. By being a little imaginative using the ample space you currently have, you can surely make your patio much cozier.

Choose heavy & lavish furniture.

Contrary to a small patio, a large patio space can handle many of the ornate, lavish and heavy wrought iron patio furniture or teak wood furniture. It is worthwhile to choose furniture that has lots of texture and visual elements to it.

Go dark.

When you are choosing fabrics for pillows, carpets, cushions or other fabric elements of the patio, you should only choose rich and dark colors. These are colors such as deep reds, dark blues, dark brown, deep purple colors or black. These vivid and vibrant dark colors will help draw the room in and make it appear smaller and definitely more intimate.

Use dim lightings.

Dim Patio String Lights

Instead of using of white lights or bright lamps, you should choose individual table lamps, candles, fabric, lanterns or small paper. Use scented candles to add a variation to the patio surroundings. When you visually darken the outline of the patio, it will look smaller which in turn, will make it feel smaller and more intimate too.

Use big plants in large decorate pots to fill space.

If your patio is really large and you need to fill up some space but you don’t want use furniture so some large plants in large, pretty decorate pots will be good. Using plants will keep the natural airy feeling of being outdoors but at the same time it will make the patio appear less empty and open.

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