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Transform Your Patio Into a Luxury Retreat 

Luxury Patio

A fantastic way to utilize your patio is to transform it into a mini spa or a luxury retreat where you can immense yourself for relaxation and to unwind. Getting sufficient rest and relaxation is crucial to maintaining your health but there are lots of people who are not willing to spend on expensive spa vacations. However, if you spend some money, less than you would spend on one spa vacation, you can certainly turn your patio into a luxurious place. You can then relax and spend more time enjoying your home. Here are some ideas to turn your home into a luxury retreat.

Create privacy.

You definitely won’t be able to relax with the neighbors looking in. A great way to create privacy is use the basic pole framework that has been mentioned in other sections of this site and put up some long, flowing curtains around the patio. That way you can pull the curtains back if you want more light. You can also buy some pre-made room partitions to create a private corner. If you have heaps of money to spend, you can have a retractable awning specially built for your patio that you can use to create privacy and shield you from the sun.

Put in some comfortable but high end furniture.

Instead of discounted chairs and tables, use some luxury patio furniture such as Teak or rattan long sofas and sectional furniture to give you plenty of room to stretch out. Heavily upholstered pieces in soft fabrics will be luxurious and comfortable. A swing or slide is a nice addition, so is a comfortable papasan chair with a cushion made of luxuriously soft fabric.


Some of the things that add the most luxury to a space are not very expensive but they are things that most people don’t usually spend money on or often overlooked. Fill your outdoor patio with colored candles or even scented ones. The scents will help keep insects away while the soft candlelight will help you to relax.

Hang some wind chimes in a nearby tree or from one of the curtains or screens surrounding the patio. Put in one or two small fountain on the patio to provide a background of rippling water which is very soothing. These are some cheap but effective ways to accessorize your patio. Here more ideas how to decorate your patio on a budget.

Use superior fabrics.

To give a room or a patio the ultimate luxury feel you need to spend some money and get fabrics that are expensive and comfortable. Instead of a plain cotton throw for the sofa, get a luxurious cashmere throw instead. In addition, you can also cover some of the cushions in real silk, not polyester silk. Invest in the best fabrics you can find. To keep costs to a minimum you can use the fabrics sparingly, but in order to really give your patio a luxury feel you need to fill it with rich textiles.

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Thick luxury carpets are preferred on the patio to give it a high end feel. Ensure you have a canopy or awning to protect the carpets from the rain. If not, you need to bring them inside if the weather turns nasty. On the other hand, if you have a small patio, it is fine to go for something totally impractical and expensive like white Berber carpet or a hand-woven oriental rug. Bear in mind, you are pampering yourself, not carpeting the hall. Get a carpet that makes you feel decadent.

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