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Turn Your Patio Into A Meditation Area

Patio Meditation Area

The advantages and benefits of regular meditation have been well documented. People that regularly meditate are more calm, more rested, have lower stress levels and generally in better health than people who don’t meditate on a regular basis. Hence, why don’t more people meditate regularly?

Usually it’s because they don’t have their own meditation space. For most people, there just isn’t a spare room in the house that can be a meditation spot and it’s tough to get even five minutes to themselves most of the time.

However, you can turn your patio into a meditation retreat where you get away from everyone and spend some time relaxing and to meditate. The good thing is you don’t have to make radical changes to your patio. Everything on your patio can stay the same. But you can keep various things that you need to create a meditation space in storage stools and chests on the patio. At the end of the day, you can relax in your own private meditation garden. Here’s how.

1. Get a thick comfortable meditation pillow or yoga mat that you can lie on or sit to meditate. Use it strictly for meditation purpose only. Keep it in a storage case on the patio during the day. By doing so, you won’t ever have to run back into the house because you forget your mat or your pillow. 

2. Use special candles when you are meditating. Pick out scented candles that you love and relaxing for you. Keep those candles in the storage case with your yoga mat or meditation pillow. The candles are to be used only for meditating. 

3. Place a small fountain somewhere on the patio. A fountain flow will help in relaxation and will assist to drown out any surrounding noises so that you can truly concentrate on your meditation. 

4. Make privacy partitions. Using the basic 4 poles framework mentioned in other section of this webpage, rope in some privacy curtains along the edges of the patio. Ensure that you can draw these curtains shut or open them, since you will probably want them to be open and allowing air and light through the patio most of the time. The best part is when you close those curtains at night, it will transform your patio into your private Nirvana.

5. Get a good quality outdoor speaker set so you can listen to music. Many people find soft and gentle music helps them to relax and meditate. Make listening to music on your patio easier with outdoor speakers that bring your stereo music outdoors.


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