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1. Like all outdoor living products, outdoor carpets have come a long way from the traditional artificial grass indoor outdoor carpets. The classic Astro-turf is still available, but outdoor carpeting is now available in soft Berbers and multicolored, patterned cut, and loop carpets. The luxury of the indoors is coming out with these lush and durable carpets in great patterns and colors.

2. Consider the sunlight and exposure of the space where you want to lay your outdoor carpets. The thicker outdoor carpets offer higher grade and durability. If the space is prone to dampness or is fully exposed to the weather, marine outdoor carpets are the best way to go. If you're carpeting a sunroom, you can get by with low-grade artificial grass outdoor carpets.

3. Determine how much carpet you need by calculating the square footage of your space. This is done by multiplying the area's length by the width, rounding inches to the nearest foot. Divide irregularly shaped floors into sections, find the square foot of each, and add them together.

4. Before laying outdoor carpets you must prep the areas by making sure they are clean, dry, and smooth. Indoor outdoor carpets can be loose-laid or glued or taped to concrete, asphalt, and wood surfaces. An outdoor sealer should be applied to waxed or painted wood and slotted wooden decks before laying outdoor carpets.

5. Installing outdoor carpets is an intermediate level do-it-yourselfer task that can generally be completed in one day. You may want to consider renting a carpet roller that provides a worthwhile tight seal at a minor expense to you. But if the thought of measuring, cutting, prepping surfaces, and applying adhesives is too overwhelming for you, we recommend hiring a professional.

6. According to The Carpet and Rug Institute's Installation Standards CRI 104 and CRI 105, outdoor carpets installation should be done when temperature ranges between 65 F and 95 F, and when relative humidity is between 10% and 65%.


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