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What Are Some Simple but Effective Patio Decorating Ideas

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Before you start to decorate your patio, the initial step is to ensure the patio and its surroundings is clean (clear of any unnecessary rubbish or litter, especially dead leaves and tree branches). It's a basic maintenance step one should prepare before decorating the patio.

Sometimes, you don’t want an entire makeover on your patio or to change the decor completely. If you still want to renew the outlook or make it a little more fresh and in style, here are some inexpensive and useful ways to spruce up your existing patio.

Paint the furniture.

If you have high end teak or cedar furniture, you probably don’t want to paint it but if you have mid range or inexpensive rattan, wicker or PVC patio furniture you can really give your patio a refresh outlook by painting your furniture with new colors.  

The spray paint available at hardware shops works great on patio furniture. In addition, some manufacturers make spray paint that is formulated to work on plastic and rattan, so you can even spray paint your plastic chairs and tables if you wish to. There are many colors variety and if you use some painter’s tape you can even create appealing patterns on your existing patio furniture.

Move the furniture around.

This is a fast and free way to change the look of your patio. You will be truly surprised at how different your patio can look when you just move your furniture and accessories around. Remember to measure spaces and pieces of furniture before you start moving them though, so that you don’t move heavy furniture around more than you need to. 

Change the cushions and pillows cover.

This is by far the simplest way to change the complete look of your patio. Even if you are maintaining the color scheme, you can use a different accent color or new pattern designs on the cushions and pillows covers.

Usually, you can find cheap pillow covers home or discount store. To add a personal touch, you can make your own cushion covers using cute fabric or materials from craft shops.

Add a rug.

Many people think it’s not necessary to use a rug outdoors. On the contrary, rug outdoors can be a great incentive to go barefoot and get comfortable. You can also use a rug to define a spot in the patio. For instance, a rug between two sofas can emphasize a conversational furniture grouping while a rug underneath a formal dining table can set off that dining space from the rest of the patio. If you are worried about the rug being exposed to the weather, then get an outdoor weather resistant rug.

Change the lighting.

If you have some soft white lights on the patio right now, take those down and put up some fabrics or treated paper lamps instead. Alternately, buy heaps of candles or even scented candles and use them for light on the patio. Changing the lighting and their positions can have a striking effect on the look of your patio.


Add a Hammock.

Hammocks tend to be the best furniture to begin with and never without one on patio. It can come in various sizes, shapes, usage, colors and materials that ultimately depends on your budget. The most stressful issue about hammocks are actually which ones and how many to get. Here are a gist of questions that can help you to narrow down your which hammock you should get for your patio. 

  1. Does your patio have room for a hammock? If not, you should then consider a hammock chair as they require less space.
  2. Do you want a fixed or portable hammock? If you want to move it around the patio or garden, then you should opt for hammocks with wheel kits.
  3. Do you prefer fabric, rope, quilted, padded or hand-woven hammock?
  4. Are you using the hammock in your indoor or outdoor patio? If outdoor, you need it to be water resistance, which polyester fabric is suitable as they absorb more water.
  5. Do you require a strong and sturdy hammock? How large are the people who will be using it?
  6. Do you need branded hammocks such as Pawleys Island Rope Hammocks, Hatteras Hammocks, etc.
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