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If you can sew a straight line on a sewing machine, you can then make your own outdoor pillow covers and patio cushions. By doing do, you save yourself a lot of money and invest a little time to craft the pattern and design you like. You can change your patio appearance and atmosphere anytime by just by changing the cushion covers. You can just use a flap closure instead of a zipper. Otherwise, use ribbons to strap the patio cushions so that you don’t need to make buttonholes. There are heaps of free patterns and designs you can get from the Internet and you can certainly use the ideas to make your own pillow covers. However, it is preferred to use unique fabrics for the outdoor pillow and patio cushions covers. 

The finest fabrics you could utilize for patio pillow and patio cushions covers is a high tech blend of Teflon and polyester material that is waterproof, fade proof and weather resistant. This fabric is extremely durable even if it is sitting under direct sunlight and won’t fade or tear even if it’s left out in a storm. Due to this special type of material used in this fabric, it is often hard to find and expensive. You may not find this type of material easily at your local craft store but you could certainly give it a try.

Is polyester fabric best suited for patio or outdoor application....

Hence, what would be the next best option when it comes to patio and outdoor fabrics? Polyester is still a better choice for making outdoor pillow and patio cushions covers. However, you should make sure that it is marked for outdoor use polyester before buying it. Why? Because that would mean it’s been treated with environmental friendly chemicals to make it fade and weather resistant. Next, acrylic canvas is also a good choice for outdoor use and it is often very affordable. Both outdoor use polyester and acrylic canvas come in hundreds of different prints and colors that give you plenty of choices. These outdoor use polyester and acrylic canvas fabrics are easily available at any store that sells decorating fabric.

If you want to make cushions or pillows that really stand up to water, then use marine grade fabrics. These fabrics are usually used to make cushions for boats and have very high water resistant properties. You can special order these marine fabrics at most craft stores. 

If you are unable to find the type of prints or colors that you want to use in a local store, you can surely get them by shopping at online fabric stores. However, you should always order a sample of the fabric first to ensure it’s what you want because most online fabric store may impose a minimum order requirement. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with heaps of fabrics that are not what you want.

Quick Tips For Patio Furniture Fabric Maintenance

Proper care is required on your furnishings fabrics not only can it increase the life span of your upholstery, but also a reflection of your living standards of cleanliness and passions of life. There are several tips on how to take care of your patio furniture fabric.

  • Make it a habit that always turn over your seat and back cushions as this allow even distribution of wear over a period of time.
  • Normal use of upholstered furniture will leave dust and dirt on the textile surface which will increase wear and abrasion. If it is left unattended, it will become difficult to clean.
  • Regular maintenance of vacuuming and light brushing prevents dust from getting embedded into the fibres, prolonging the life of your patio furniture fabric and the appearance of the fabric.
  • Vacuum your upholstery at least twice a month (more frequently) in high traffic areas such as the family room.
  • Avoid placing your upholstery directly under the sun or a heat source like the patio heater. The effects of sun and heat will fade the colours and could deteriorate the fibres, with darker colours being more susceptible.
  • Use fabric protectors to protect the upholstery from stains and soil. Use when needed possibly two or three months once to keep the fabric in tip top condition.
  • Slipcovers or patio cushion covers are a great way to if you have children or pets. When they need to be cleaned, you simply remove them and put them in the wash.
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