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How to Decide On Patio Shapes?

Backyard Patio

Are there any best patio shapes? The answer is a big NO. Patio designers agree that the best way to create a unique and functional backyard patio is to design the patio in separate areas. Instead of placing one large slab at the back of the house, it is always better to create outdoor rooms with several smaller or separated slabs to create better patio shapes.

This really depends on where you choose to put your patio and the initial and very important questions you need to ask yourself will be,

  1. How will your patio be used? This can assist you to narrow the patio shapes.
  2. Will you need a large open areas for outdoor table and chairs?
  3. Do you prefer quiet corners, thus creating cozy, small areas perhaps with seating around a fire pit?

Generally, most people choose a large, square or rectangular patio if the patio is coming off from the house because it maximizes the space and gives additional room to your existing home. If you find yourself designing your patio in the mentioned shapes, pause for a minute and consider the followings,

Could you round off the edges of your patio making it look more natural with surrounding landscape?
Would a circular area fit your outdoor dining table?
Would it be possible to arched one side of your patio?

You are the one who decides which patio shapes is most suitable....

The points are to consider a variety of patio shapes and designs and give your patio some uniqueness. There are many more questions that you need to answer and those above are just a gist to get you moving.

If you are going to put the patio in another part of the yard then you can let your mind run and get creative with the shape of the patio. You could possibly put a large circular patio in the center of your yard or a kidney shaped patio at one end of the yard.

Circular Patio Shape

Think about where you want the patio to go and make the patio shapes that will fit in well with the natural surroundings of the yard. Additionally, you can utilize walkways to connect these destinations and create interest with supplementing items such as fountains, ponds, arbors, tiki torches, patio plantspatio string lights, etc.

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