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1. Available in several outdoor tiki torch styles, oil umbrella torches add a warm and inviting ambiance to any outdoor gathering.

2. Depending on the tiki torch oil you use, the wick you burn, and the weather conditions, an outdoor copper tiki torch can burn as long as 16 hours.

3. Most metal oil tiki torches feature a long lasting patina finish that provides years of weather-resistant durability. An oil tiki torch with a wooden stake may have to be weather-treated the same way you protect wooden patio furniture.

4. Tall pole oil tiki torches often use stakes or wide tiki torch bases for stability. Always make sure that your oil tiki torch is anchored properly for safety.

5. An oil wall sconce torch typically uses either a fiberglass or cotton wick. Generally, fiberglass wicks burn longer, while cotton replacement wicks are more affordable.

6. For safety, pathway oil tiki torches should only be used outdoors and kept clear of overhanging eaves and trees, and nearby fences and buildings.

7. Decorative oil tiki torches that burn citronella oil also double as handy bug repellants.


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