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Patio Umbrella Stands - A Vital Part and Important Investment

Patio Umbrella Stands

Ever been to a poolside party or a beach café? What stands out the most in these places? Did you ever noticed that patio umbrella stands are the distinct feature of these places. Every pool side area, every beachside café, even the upper decks of a villa, all have this particular piece of furniture. The wide spread appeal of this item is because of its functionality as well as its aesthetical appeal.

Patio umbrellas provide ample shade to the gathering around the table while keeping the environment away from them. Moreover, while doing all this, they add to the appeal of the place as people prefer hanging out in the open air rather than inside of a house in parties. Patio umbrellas can easily make or break a poolside party.

Now, what are the different components of a patio setting? Three basic components come to mind namely,

  1. The umbrella itself.
  2. Patio umbrella stands, that hold the umbrella upright and keeping it stable.
  3. Good quality patio tables and chairs.
  4. Patio umbrella lights, which are required to lighten up the place as the dark nears.

Among all of these items, the patio umbrella stand makes the difference from the structural point of view as the entire umbrella setup depends heavily on it. Now, depending on the type of umbrella you plan to use, you have to choose a matching stand design.

For the regular patio umbrella type, a stand of solid wood or even hollow metal shall do great...

This stand needs to be planted firmly into the ground through the hole in the patio table center. The umbrella is then attached to the head of the stand using nuts and bolts. This is the common form of stand used mainly owing to its low cost and easy availability. Among patio umbrella stands, the cantilever stand is also a commonly used one. This stand remains to the side of the patio table and not at the center. Using a cantilever system to hoist the umbrella into central position over the patio table, this stand and umbrella configuration provides the best shade and coverage.

The third variety commonly found is the skyline stand, which is used exclusively with railings. The skyline stand clamps onto the railing of the deck or the poolside and swivels over the patio area to provide cover. Although, there is no physical limitation imposed by the skyline stand like the other two stands, however, the coverage provided is limited in comparison to them. A modification of the regular stand is used exclusively with thatched umbrellas, which require a sturdier stand. These stands are permanently fixed to the ground and cannot be moved.

Patio Umbrella Stands

Every other stand is a variation of the four basic stand types and serves mostly aesthetic purposes. However, a few designer umbrellas may require unique stands that you can get along with the umbrellas. Ultimately, what type of patio umbrella stands you use totally depends on the kind of patio environment and the umbrella type you are putting in place.

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