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Specialists - Shade is our business and has been since 2003. We've sold over 177,000 units which means we've made a lot of outdoor lunches on the patio cooler and more comfortable. It's our business to know patio umbrellas from top to bottom. Shop around. You'll agree we've got this matter covered.

Selection - You'll find over 200 outdoor umbrella styles for every taste and budget. Browse our impressive selection of market umbrellas, offset umbrellas, and patio umbrella stands. You simply won't find a better selection of outdoor umbrellas anywhere else.

Shipping - If you value fast, low-cost shipping, this is the place for you. Our outdoor umbrellas are in stock and ready to ship right now, so you'll receive your new outdoor umbrellas fast.

Satisfaction - We stand behind everything we sell and strive to provide the best online shopping experience. That's why we work so hard to help you find the patio umbrella, market umbrella, or offset umbrella you're looking for. We even make it easy to find just the right patio umbrella stand. We're committed to offering an unparalleled selection, thorough product knowledge, and excellent service.

Waste no time!! Search for your favourite patio umbrellas, stands and accessories below.


1. Need some shade? We've got you covered with our many patio umbrellas. Whether you want a 6-foot patio umbrella to fit in a smaller spot or an 11-foot umbrella to cut a large swath in your sunny yard, there's an outdoor patio umbrella to fit your needs.

2. Pick a color, any color. Our outdoor patio umbrellas come in a multitude of shades to suit each of your moods - we even have black patio umbrellas to convince your goth teenagers you're cool.

3. You want an outdoor patio umbrella that will maximize your outdoor living space, protecting you from UV rays and the heat. Our deck umbrellas are the perfect accessory to your patio domain. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, our patio umbrellas won't just protect you, they'll look good while doing so.

4. Aluminum umbrellas are long-lasting and durable. Wood umbrellas are timeless and classic. Sunbrella umbrellas are the ultimate in weather resistance. What's your shade of outdoor patio umbrellas?

5. The sun has a pesky habit of moving all over the place. Select a tilt umbrella and adjust your shade throughout the day, as needed. Our tilt umbrellas can be used as a patio umbrella, pool umbrella, garden umbrella, or patio table umbrella to perfectly suit your needs.

6. Market umbrellas add a dramatic flair to your business or home patio. Our market umbrellas come in a wide array of shades that will match any color scheme to make your business stand out.

7. Crank, pulley, or push up - they all sound like unpleasant exercise regimes, but they're the choices you have in deciding what kind of umbrella lift is right for you're The crank style outdoor umbrella requires the least amount of effort, but all three are easy enough.

8. A Sunbrella patio umbrella is a great addition to any outdoor area. Sunbrella umbrellas are made from Sunbrella material, which is resistant to sun-fading and mold-resistant if kept dry. Just a little shake after an afternoon rain storm, and you'll keep your Sunbrella patio umbrella like new for the long haul.


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