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Simple Pool Patio Ideas

Pool Patio Ideas

If you are looking for pool patio ideas to apply to your outdoor living area, look no further. In this section, you will discover tips and ideas on how to landscape and accessorize your patio into a welcoming and practical outdoor living environment. Homeowners usually utilize a patio to complement the pool side area plus offer a plain surface for both patio furniture as well as a grill.  

Select a patio design and plan that harmonizes the artistry of your home along with your personal feel. Take into consideration some main factors such as financial resources and maintenance costs prior to selecting a patio design. 

The following are some pool patio ideas that you can try and implement at your home, 

Stone with wood patio.

The most frequently used materials in constructing pool patio are stone and wood. Unlike other materials, wood patios are more affordable. Use wood patios when you want to create an ordinary, interconnected artistry that forms an interrelation between the pool side and the nearby landscape. Though flexible, wood patio is also highly vulnerable to warping and moss as a result of high water content if not properly maintained. To expand the lifetime of the wooden pool patio, choose hardwoods which have been thoroughly pressure treated. 

Use of stone patios on pool side is increasingly becoming popular amongst a majority of homeowners. To bring out a sense of warmth and texture, use ordinary stones that have been nicked into asymmetrical shapes. For a more even appearance, select stone tiles which have been grazed into square and can be put in an orderly row. The most used patio stones are sandstone, slate stone, bluestone as well as river rock given that they provide one with a broad variety of colors. Furthermore, they are well fitted for the dampness linked with in-ground pool patios. 

Detached patios.

Detached patios are also great pool patio ideas that one can try when they want to create a plain surface for relaxing or entertainment. The main idea is to offer protection to the sunbathers who would not like to be splashed with water from the pool. Choose a location at the nearby lawn and fix a stone patio. Think of making a patio that is a scale design of the pool by placing tiles with the same form as the one in the pool area. Another idea is to make a collection of compact stone patios rather than big patio area. Link the patio to the pool by placing a stone walkway in between the patio and the pool side.

Swimming Pool Patio Ideas

Covered patios. 

Covered patios are also pool patio ideas which one can attempt to implement. A covered patio comes especially handy during the summer when sunbathers cannot bare the summer heat. This ought to be considered by every homeowner who has an outdoor pool. There are different ways through which one can build a covered patio. For instance, awnings are quite common these days. Some which are manual and the automated ones are getting popular these days. This design works best for pools that are near the house. You can read about type of awnings in other section. 

Pool patio ideas should also include accessories which harmonize with the design theme and also provide practical services for outdoor activities, ie, you can have a pergola to complement your patio.

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