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1. If you don't have a specified practice area, portable goals can be lifesavers. Set them up almost anywhere and take them down when practice is over.

2. Soccer goals should be heavy enough to stand upright, but not too heavy to carry around. Make sure to anchor or counterweight the soccer goal to prevent injuries.

3. Most portable goals are made from lightweight but durable tubular steel. Check the frame of the portable goal before each practice to make sure it's not bent or damaged.

4. For younger players or less serious games, consider a PVC soccer goal. PVC soccer goals are easier to carry but may not stand up as well under extra-hard kicks.

5. If the wind is strong or if you plan to leave your portable Pugg soccer goal out for more than one session, make sure to use durable soccer goal anchors. Place at least one anchor at each corner of the soccer goal.

6. Most Franklin soccer goals adjust and fold up with the push of a button. This makes it easy for anyone to set Franklin soccer goals up and take them down.

7. If your players have various levels of ability, purchase a youth portable soccer goal that is adjustable. Telescoping soccer goals adjust to different widths and heights to provide more challenging play.

8. All backyard soccer goals come complete with soccer nets. In most cases, you'll have to remove the soccer net from the frame when taking down a folding soccer goal.

9. The soccer net of your practice portable soccer goal should be made from a durable material to prevent snags and rips while setting up and tearing down. Most portable soccer nets are made from nylon, which is designed to stand up to frequent use.

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