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Transform Your Patio into a Tropical Hideaway

Do you reside in a tropical weather and want to take full advantage to enjoy the warm weather? Or maybe you just want to induce a tropical experience to help you unwind or party away during the summer months? Both ways, you can transform your patio in a tropical hideaway that you can enjoy all summer long with your love ones. Here are some simple tips and you will have a tropical patio that you’ll love to spend time on.

Surround your patio with tropical plants.

Tropical Patio

You can create a more tropical feeling by surrounding the entire patio with lush tropical plants such as bamboo, palm trees, orchid, gerbera daily flowers, lantana plants, elephant ears and many more. To really build up the feeling of a tropical rainforest, put four poles in the ground, one at each corner, and tie some heavy duty cords between the poles. Subsequently, you can hang tropical plants in hanging pots from the cords and fill in the empty space below with potted tropical plants. $100 worth of tropical plants will make you feel like you are relaxing in a rainforest.

Use a fountain to simulate a bubbling stream or waterfall. 

Nothing relaxes and soothes the senses than the sound of running water. Running water not only creates a pleasing and relaxing sound but also produces negative ions freshening and moistening the air, reducing dust and allergy causing airborne pollution particles.  

Hence, it is imperative that you can buy decorative fountains to complement the patio. It’s easy to get it from any home depot. You can buy a small, inexpensive fountain and hide it around the plants so that you just hear the sound of the trickling or flowing water. Apart from that, you can put the fountain in your open yard and enjoy the sight of the water as well as the sound. 

Favor rattan or wooden furniture. 

If you would like to create a real jungle experience, you need to have rattan or wooden furniture on your patio. Plastic or metal patio furniture would definitely look out of place.  

It can be costly to replace all your patio furniture, especially if you already have expensive furniture installed. However, one way is to sell the furniture you have to help defray the cost of new furniture. This will give you a change in your patio atmosphere. Rattan or wicker furniture is not that expensive, so if you truly care to create a tropical paradise on your patio, go get yourself a full set of rattan garden furniture.

Put up a mosquito net covering. 

You have probably seen expensive patio and garden canopies in stores but you can build your own for about half the price of an expensive canopy. Get four extra tall poles at the local gardening center or home depot. Put one at each corner of the patio. Subsequently, drape mosquito netting from the fabric or craft store over the poles, covering the whole patio. Let the ends of the netting hang down just like curtains. You will be protected from insects and bugs. At the same time, you will also feel like you are in the tropics. 

Patio Fire Pits

Light the fire. 

Nothing is more wild and tropical than making use of tiki torches. You can place tiki torches around the boundary of your patio and light them for an exotic look. There are certain tiki torches that burn citronella oil so they double as a means of repelling mosquitoes. 

An alternative way to use fire is a fire pit. Certain fire pits even look like stylized volcanoes and you will be amazed of the resemblance to a real one. The fire pit can be surrounded with tropical plants or a nearby fountain in order to complete a tropical island feel. It is all about finding means to create a wild and exotic tropical feel to your patio. Read more on patio string lights.

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