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Turn Your Patio Into The Ultimate Yoga Retreat

Yoga on Patio

If you are a yoga enthusiast but don’t have any extra room in your house to turn into a dedicated yoga retreat, you can definitely consider patio instead? Practicing yoga outdoors is something that many people enjoy and would love to do so. Here are some practical tips to change your outdoor patio space to a yoga retreat.

Cover the floor. 

You don’t necessarily have to put a carpet down on the floor. However, you should put something (a rubber mat, foldable carpet, etc) down so that you are not practicing yoga on whatever patio flooring you have. A high quality indoor and outdoor carpet will give you the durability and grip that you need with a texture that won’t hurt your body or bare feet. 

Enclose the patio. 

If you don’t have enough privacy to make you comfortable then you can plant hedges or plants around your patio as a covering. Alternately, you can build side curtains or a canopy for the patio so that you can have the privacy you want when practicing yoga. 

Give yourself plenty of space. 

Arrange the furniture on the patio so that you have a large open space that you can use to do your yoga. You could certainly invite friends over to do yoga together if you have enough room. 

Put floor cushions and pillows. 

Part of yoga is meditation so put out a lot of firm but comfortable floor cushions and pillows that you can sit on for the meditation part of your yoga practice. It is preferable to have washable pillows. 

Consider the electrical devices. 

If you need to follow DVD instructions to do your yoga then you will need a DVD player on the patio. One way is to bring your laptop computer out onto the patio and use that to play the DVD. Alternately, you can use a shelving unit that matches your decor to hold a portable DVD player. 

Get some storage containers. 

Benches or footstools that double as storage should be a feature of any patio decor but they are important when you are using your patio as a yoga retreat. This is because you will be able to store your yoga props, yoga clothes, DVDs, some towels or even the floor mat or carpet. Storage cubes and other furniture that doubles as storage are a great way to store the things you need stores while giving you more useable, functional furniture.

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