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Is There Any Best Adirondack Chairs or Does It Boils Down to Your Preference?

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The Adirondack Mountains was where Thomas Lee first created the Adirondack chair more than a century ago. Can we consider his first piece created the best Adirondack chair? While to most of us the Adirondack chair is just another piece of furniture, Lee created the chair with his own hands out of a single strip of wood. The first chair was made out of eleven pieces of wood that were cut out from that one piece. The main challenge that Lee faced was that the chair needed to facilitate the slant in a hill so that the person seated does not feel uncomfortable. To do this, he slanted the seat of the Adirondack chair as well so that the seat would then be flat. The back of the chair was straight, so that on a hill it would slant like an ordinary chair.

The main feature and integral part of the outdoor best Adirondack chair is the wide armrests. These armrests have become a trademark of the best Adirondack chair. The wide armrests have contributed to the Adirondack chair being used in many cafes. What makes them ideal in an outdoor cafe is that beverages and little snacks can be easily placed on the armrests, therefore eliminating the need for tables. The chairs too are relaxing and a person easily lightened up, which is an important characteristic of a cafe.

Originally used as simply outdoor seating over summer, Adirondack chairs are being utilize much more now. Generally, the best Adirondack chair is made out of wood, yet today Adirondack chairs are made in several other materials. Some of the other materials that have become increasingly popular materials to make Adirondack chairs are,

  1. Cedar
  2. Teak
  3. Resin
  4. Plastic & PVC
  5. Engineered wood

While they are not the best Adirondack chair materials, manufacturers uses often use plastic or pvc. The main advantage of the plastic chairs is that they are usually more versatile than wood. However, many people prefer the natural feeling of these chairs. Adirondack chairs made out of engineered wood are in fact very appealing and attractive, since they are almost always painted in vibrant colors. The problem with engineered wood, however is that they can mostly be used indoors as they are susceptible to outdoor weather conditions. The engineered wood does not have a tolerance for water so they cannot get wet. This makes it quite impossible to use outdoors, and therefore they are not the best Adirondack chair.

Resin Adirondack Chairs

Do you know that Adirondack chairs are also a perfect furniture piece to use in a children's indoor playground? With the faux grass flooring, the Adirondack chairs will give it that extra touch to give your children the complete outdoor feeling, when having their lunch in their playground on a weekend. This is a case where the best Adirondack chair is not required. Since it is an indoor environment, it is possible to use Adirondack chairs made of engineered wood.

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