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Camp On The Patio With Your Kids

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Kids are very fond of outdoor activities especially during summer times. If you have children that are super active and need something fun to do, you can certainly try the idea of camping on your patio. There are specific things you will need to plan ahead for, if you are going to camp on your patio for a night. 

Mattress or Carpet.

If the kids are going to be sleeping on the floor, you will need to put down a carpet, portable mattress or some kind of ground cloth. If you want to make the patio really feel like the inside of a tent, simply get some camping ground cloths, tarps or sleeping bags. On the other hand, if you want it to be a little more comfortable, get carpet remnant or mattress and use that. 


You may not need to put up tents but you will surely need to cover the patio. At least put some curtains up on the sides to make it feel more ‘tent like’. It’s easy, fast and cheap to use the basic pole and fabric method mentioned in other section on this site, to build curtains around your patio. You can put up a canopy using the same method or you can leave the top open to allow for some stargazing. 

Cushions and pillows. 

A variety of sleeping mats can be made from high density foam you can get from craft stores. Cover the foam with comfortable materials such as cotton jersey and you have a great cushion for the kids to sleep on. Some kids will probably prefer sleeping bags but you should have cushions also to make it more comfortable for them. 

A fire table or pit. 

Having a fire table or fire pit can really make the difference when it comes to camping on the patio. What’s a camping trip without a campfire, right? If you are unable to buy one, just try to call the local party rental place and see if they have one you can rent for a night. To really give the kids a true camping feeling, it will be better to have a fire so that they can sing songs, hang around fire pit, tell scary stories, and have some barbeque food as well. 

You can clear out all the plants and furniture from the patio for that one night. It will be very interesting to make the patio feel like ‘inside of one big tent’. Turn off the lights that you have up and equip all the ‘campers’ with torch lights. It is inevitable you should always be supervising the kids when the fire pit is being used to avoid any accidents or injuries.

Kids generally love outdoor activities and camping on the patio is a great activity they can do together with their friends. If you need to plan an inexpensive kids' birthday party or your kids have lots of cousins or nephews that will be coming to visit during the summer, you should plan ahead for a camping on the patio event. This will ensure that the kids will enjoy and have heaps of fun in a safe way.

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