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Summer BBQ Ideas on Outdoor Patio

Summer BBQ Ideas

Summer is definitely the best barbecue season. If you, your family and friends love a good barbecue then you should get your outdoor patio ready for the ultimate summer barbecue spot on your outdoor patio.

If you want to have barbecue as your main patio activity, here are some ideas to spruce up your outdoor patio, so that it’s functional and fun for a barbecue.

Setup a buffet.

Since most barbecues are more buffets instead of sit down affairs you can save time and get more organized by building a buffet table that will stay on your outdoor patio. You can buy a buffet or you can use an old dresser or TV cabinet as a buffet. If you are handy with the hammer you can easily build a buffet that will fit the exact space that you need it to fit.

If you have a small patio then it’s even more vital that you have a custom buffet so that you don’t waste valuable patio space with a piece of furniture that is too big or is awkwardly shaped. In addition, if your patio is not connected to the house you will appreciate the extra storage that a buffet will give you so that you don’t have to run back and forth to the house all the time.

A buffet is really just a long table with some storage underneath. You can put some contact paper or countertop tile on the top of the buffet or you can simply keep it covered with a tablecloth. Underneath the buffet you can store glassware, plates, napkins, silverware and condiments that don’t need to be refrigerated as well as other essential and essential items.

Position of grill.

At any barbecue, the grill is going to be a focal point and a location for people to gather. To keep the traffic on the patio flowing smoothly and to keep people and kids safe, ensure that the grill is away from the main part of the patio and off to the side or to the back. This way, the adults can gather there to oversee the barbecuing and yet people can still get around the outdoor patio smoothly.

Use furniture to create border line.

The main focus at a barbecue will be on eating and talking, you should make the main part of the outdoor patio the eating area. Formal dining sets don’t work very well for barbecues so bring out the picnic tables, folding chairs and card tables. Where you put the tables and chairs will help keep people moving from one part of the patio to another.

A good system for a barbecue is to keep everything linear. Set up a table near the grill to act as the bar where people can get drinks and also can pick up silverware, plates and napkins. That should be the starting point of the line. Subsequently, set up the buffet on the other side of the grill, so that people can stop there to get the rest of their food after getting their grilled items, and then they can go find seats.

On a final thought, if you are hosting the BBQ party, make sure you have top quality gas barbecues to keep your guests well fed. In addition, when the evening kicks in and the temperature drops, then keep warm with outdoor wood burning stoves.

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