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Bistro table and chair sets come in a variety of sizes and shapes that lend beaucoup style to tiny spaces or provide islands for rest and refreshment for mingling partygoers.

Choosing the right bistro set begins with selecting the most functional height for your needs. Think about how the table and chairs will be used. Do you need room to serve full-size plate meals, or do you need a small table that can accommodate drinks and snacks? Will the occupants use the table while standing or leaving and returning, such as in a pub or bar, or will they be seated for a meal?

Dining Height - If you want a table for regularly serving food on dinner plates, look for a bistro set that is designated as a "Cafe" or dining set. This encompasses tables from about 28 to 30 inches tall, with 29 inches being the average. The 24 inches of leg room below the table is adequate for most, except perhaps the extremely tall.

The level of chair seats that come with a cafe set will generally be 11 to 13 inches lower than the table and will not need footrests on the legs.

Counter Height - The next step up in height is "Counter," or about 36 inches tall like a kitchen counter. Naturally, these bistro sets will require taller perches, stools, or chairs, about 23 to 27 inches high. Backless stools are a casual option, while chairs with backs may be more comfortable and secure for many users. All taller seating should feature a bar or footrest on the legs to help the sitter feel stable.

Bar/Pub Height - The tallest of the bistro sets are the "Pub" or "Bar" set. Tabletops sit at 40-43 inches high, and are often smaller than lower tables, just enough to hold drinks and small plates. Pub height bistro chairs are also taller - about 30 inches in seat height, have footrests, and may swivel for maximum gregariousness.

Custom - Still cannot find the right height? Many bistro table and chair sets can be customized to give you the exact fit you need for your unique space.


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