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1. The size of a bocce ball is measured across the diameter. A standard bocce ball is 107mm in diameter and weighs 2 pounds.

2. Most bocce balls are made of poly resin, which is the same material bowling balls are made from. Molded plastic balls are also available and are great for children and beginners.

3. If you purchase a SportCraft bocce ball set with striped balls, there are two different stripe patterns used on two different colored bocce balls. This results in four different varieties, so that four people can play.

4. If you're planning on playing in the backyard or in a field, purchase a pallino that measures 50mm or more in diameter. This will ensure it's large enough to be seen even in long grass.

5. To keep your family bocce ball set in good condition, consider a bocce ball bag. Many Franklin bocce sets are sold with a pouch included. This makes it easy to transport and store your bocce balls and make sure they stay together.

6. Glow in the dark bocce ball sets make it easy to continue the play even when the sun goes down. If you have lots of evening parties, this can be a great way to keep the fun going.

7. Enthusiast and tournament bocce ball sets are made to regulation standards. Professional bocce sets feature 107mm bocce balls, and most come complete with a set of bocce rules for tournament play.

8. For the real bocce fan in your life, consider a personalized bocce ball set. Our personalized bocce sets feature your choice of name or personal message engraved on each ball.


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