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1. We offer wagons made of wood, steel, or plastic. Think about which material best fits your needs.

2. Different tire types are suited for use on different terrains. We offer solid tires if you don't want to worry about flats. Pneumatic tires are ideal on uneven terrain.

3. Some wagons offer removable side panels, which can secure cargo during transport.

4. Chances are you will need to move your wagon through doorways from time to time. Check the width to ensure clearance before you order.

5. If you plan to use your wagon to transport children, be sure it offers safety features such as technology that prevents tipping.

6. Some of our wagons offer molded bumpers that will help protect cargo, furniture, and walls.

7. Some of our wagons that are appropriate for passengers feature latched side doors for easy in and out.

8. When deciding on the size of your wagon, consider where you plan to store it. If space is limited, look for features such as folding handles, which allow for easier storage.


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