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1. Traditional rope hammocks have been used for hundreds of years and are famous for their comfort and durability. These outdoor hammocks are made of cozy cotton or durable polyester; the open weave pattern will keep you cool on hot days. A rope hammock has spreader bars to keep the bed open and flat.

2. Quilted hammocks are great for cooler climates and are often reversible, with a pattern on one side and a solid color on the other. Functional poolside hammocks are made from durable, mildew-resistant, fast-dying materials that may not be quite as soft as cotton but are much more suited to their moist, demanding environment. Either way, these backyard hammocks are quite comfortable.

3. Although distinct in style, the Mayan hammock, Brazilian hammock, and Nicaraguan hammock share certain characteristics. They usually don't have spreader bars and so hug the body closer, like a cocoon. Featuring brightly colored yet delicate fabrics, these outdoor hammocks easily hang from trees and create a festive atmosphere.

4. Outdoor hammocks made from new care-free materials are more resistant to sun and the weather and can be even more comfortable than cotton hammocks or rope hammocks. DuraCord won't stretch out of shape over time and Sunbrella hammocks are used in harsh marine environments because they hold up so well to the elements.

5. The best hammocks for families with children are fabric hammocks that are made with closed fabrics, as the open weave pattern on a rope hammock can inadvertently catch small hands and feet. Check out some of our quilted and poolside options from Twin Oak Hammocks.

6. Keeping your fabric hammock clean, whether it's an indoor or outdoor hammock, will prolong its life and make it easier to relax. If your fabric hammock has removable spreader bars or no spreader bars at all, like our Brazilian hammocks, Nicaraguan hammocks, and Mayan hammocks, you may be able to machine-wash it. However, gentle hand-washing is usually preferred so you can inspect the fabric for signs of wear or mildew as you clean. Dry your hammock completely in the sun.



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