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1. Outdoor hanging lights are not only practical, but they are an excellent way to add your personal stamp to outside decor. Hanging lights can offer a touch of romance, whimsy, or hominess to any outdoor space.

2. When hanging chandeliers, keep in mind that models weighing more than 50 pounds will need to be mounted with extra security to the ceiling. Evaluate brackets, fixtures, and ceiling areas to be sure there is enough support.

3. When measuring for a hanging light fixture, the dimensions, chain or cord length, and hanging weight of the piece all need to be taken into consideration. These elements are integral to the safety, function, and fit of your fixture.

4. If you find yourself with the right fixture but the wrong chain or wire length, keep in mind that both chains and wires can be adjusted to the appropriate height through the use of hooks or extensions.

5. Proper illumination is key to creating an inviting entranceway. Small lights are ideal for accenting door frames, windows, or nice architectural features of your home, but a larger light fixture is best for both appropriate lighting and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

6. Be sure to hang your light high enough to provide adequate lighting and avoid collisions with swinging doors or taller guests.

7. Hickey nuts provide extra mounting support and are ideal for hanging or heavyweight light fixtures.

8. Hanging lights are available in efficient Energy Star-qualified models, as well as models with Dark Sky-compliant equipment options.

9. Many outdoor lighting brands feature entire collections based on a single style. This makes it easy to coordinate your hanging light fixture with wall-, ceiling-, and post-mounted fixtures.

10. Consider the height, wattage, and size of your hanging fixture to ensure that the light provides adequate visibility without being so bright or direct that it is bothersome to the eyes.


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